नि:शुल्क वास्तु टिप्स पर आपका स्वागत है...

जिन्दगी में आने वाली समस्याओ से बचने के लिए नि:शुल्क वास्तु टिप्स या टोटके इस साईट पर प्राप्तकरे...
आपके सवालों के यहाँ नि:शुल्क जबाब भी दिए जायेगे।

ईश्वर आप सब का कल्याण करे !!!

Feng Shui...Tips About Choosing Land

In general a square or rectangular shaped piece of land is preferable to an irregular shaped piece of property. Your first priority should be to access the lay of the land to see if it contains any of the following characteristics.

The ideal plot of land contains:? Rolling hil

􀂙 Rolling hills
􀂙 A slow meandering stream? A slow meandering stream
􀂙 A natural waterfall
􀂙 Is a sunny spot
􀂙 Lush green vegetation
􀂙 Proper drainage
􀂙 Mild and occasional winds
􀂙 The "frog" land formation which is characterized by a higher piece of land at the back of the property that embraces a lower piece of land at the front

Signs of bad feng shui with regards to a plot of land are:

􀂙 Swamp or pools of stagnant water
􀂙 Is next to a highway
􀂙 Is next to a fast and flowing river
􀂙 Is a flat and exposed plane
􀂙 Faces an oncoming street.
􀂙 Lacks trees or vegetation
􀂙 Faces a public institution such as a school or church

Improving Your Existing Site

Sometimes you have to make do with what the property that you already own. There are many Feng Shui cures that can help you improve your chances of accumulating positive chi.
Here are some common Feng Shui cures that can use to correct a property's negative points.
􀂙 If you live next to a highway or a fast flowing river that is carrying your chi away with it, a high fence or thicket of tall bushes can help balance out the problem.
􀂙 If your land is exposed, tall trees can be planted to prevent the wind from carrying good chi away from the property.
􀂙 If your property does not contain flowing water you can construct a pond or fountain. Water is very very important as it symbolizes status prosperity and wealth. It is also the lucky Dragon's favorite element.

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